Where Has Character Gone Over Truth

    Faith and belief by some is “giving honor and trust unto whom its due,and respecting without challenging or affirming one’s own opinion.” But too often,we as people delve into belief that what our opinion is,favors that which differs from others and should be accepted as bold and serious to the truth,as reality is to man’s existence.

    The ultimate focus has dwelt more on emotions,opinions,thoughts and weaknesses of man as a whole,as to giving fold to living a life truly sincere,honest(though with faults),compassion and mercy for all(rather than pick and choose assumptions),as choices exist for all as whom to believe and have faith in.

     Moreover, succinctly, there travels many who rather not rely on the only true source of living,beliefs,truths,existance,being and love(the bible),only to hold to the faultless concept that no matter what anyone says,knowledge and belief cannot co-exist.but they’re existence or being,has nothing to do over the other.

      The number one card is as old as lying itself,its show and tell,only says that “by what we’ve done they’re our lives have focus and truth,” and no matter when its our ability that brought our “prominence,stability,success and focus.” And the matter of blind tatter of the feet stepping on nails,then walking away leaping and jumping with cheer,is man’s empty-headed beliefs that “on his own,exists all he has and ever will be.”

The word of God bluntly and “without wavering” makes plain that man’s existence,being,life,cares,gives and all that he(she)has or ever will be isn’t and haven’t because of his or her efforts,work or consciousness.So should we reign in our so-called stance and factual brevity or bravado on life,ourselves,being and existence. And trust whom gave unto all that he(or she)has and not depending on the faults and imperfect trails of others,to push forth faith,belief and truths as stench is food. Or mature,grow,seek and honor God, as weak and frail as we exist.His compassion,mercy,care and love for us is shown through means and ways,our often derailed(fractured)minds,couldn’t take hold of.His word and love,that because of Jesus Christ,our lives have something we couldn’t(one own couldn’t give),love without end.